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Magigoo Controls

Move the dwarf using the mouse. Draw chalk lines by clicking and dragging with the left mouse button. Stop drawing by releasing the left mouse button.

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Magigoo Walkthrough

Magigoo is a surprisingly addictive online puzzle game that sees you guiding a dawrf through level after level, collecting various colored globs of goo. You will need to collect a certain number of each colored goo in order to progress to the next level and you'll need to do it before time runs out. It sounds fairly simple, but in reality, the game is quite difficult and gets even more difficult as the game progresses. You will face new challenges and obstacles you need to maneuver around all while still collecting the little globs of goo. It isn't easy, but it is a whole lot of fun.

Magigoo offers a fairly simple premise. At the beginning of each level, you are told how many globs of goo you need to collect to advance to the next level. In almost all of the levels, you will need to collect multiple colors. For example, you may be asked to collect ten blue goos and ten yellow goos. You need to collect all ten of each color if you want to advance to the next level. Later in the game, you will have to make color combinations out of the primary colors. For example, you may be asked to collect a certain number of green goos. To do that, you will collect a yellow goo and a blue goo which will give you your green goo. Red goo plus yellow goo will equal orange goo and red goo plus blue goo will equal purple goo. This gives the game a new dimension and makes it much more challenging.

The basic controls of Magigoo are quite similar to many other mouse controlled puzzle games online. To move the dwarf, you simply need to move your mouse. Your dwarf will follow the cursor. To collect globs draw lines of chalk around a group of two or more globs of the same color by clicking and dragging with the left mouse button. When you have drawn your circle around the globs you want to collect, release your left mouse button. When you collect a group of globs they will drop stars. Collect as many of the stars as you can before they disappear. You can use these stars to buy powerups in the upgrade store. All dark colored goo should be avoiding. It will contaminate the goo in your jar meaning you will need to collect more goo to fill it.

Magigoo also introduced different types of terrain that will affect how your dwarf can move. This additional factor separates this game from most other online puzzle games which rely on a few basic rules and makes this game much more difficult. Light green patches of terrain is moss which is slippery. Your dwarf will be a bit harder to control and will move more quickly over moss. Darker patches of terrain is mud. Mud will slow your dwarf down. Finally, rock plates pose the most difficult challenge. You'll see arrows on the rock plates. This indicated the direction your dwarf will be pushed when he steps onto the rock plate. Plan these moves carefully as they can be a bit difficult to control. In addition to the different types of terrain, you also need to beware of balls of thorns. These green balls with yellow thorns will stun your dwarf if he runs into them. If you're low on time, these should definitely be avoided.

Overall, Magigoo is an adorable, addictive online puzzle game that will keep you playing round after round. It is considerably more difficult than many of the other puzzle games online thanks to the addition of the various types of terrain, the obstacles that stun you and especially the color combinations. This game offers everything any puzzle game fan will need to be challenged and entertained. This is definitely a game any fan of puzzle games should play at least once.