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Use the mouse and the left mouse button to select and play tiles.

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Mahjong Hong Kong is an intense puzzle game unlike most of the mahjong games you've ever played online. Instead of being given a board full of tiles you need to match to complete the level, you are given a 'hand' of tiles you need to use to make sequences in an attempt to beat your opponents. If you're used to playing normal puzzle games you're probably going to have a bit of trouble getting used to how this game is played but if you stick with it, you'll get much better and find yourself winning a lot more often. The game can be a bit complicated, but if you want to win, you first need to understand more about the tiles on the board, the sequences you need to make and the rules of the game. It will take a bit of time, but it's well worth it.

You start out in Mahjong Hong Kong with $20,000 and 13 tiles in your hand. The dealer will have fourteen tiles in their hand. The game is played in a counter clockwise rotation with each player drawing and discarding one tile. If you discard a tile and another players wins using that tile, you will have to pay some of that $20,000 to that player. If any of the players at the table - either you or one of your opponents - wins by way of 'Zimo' (which we'll talk about in a moment) all of the other players will have to pay an equal amount to the winner. If you lose all your money, you lose the game. You can declare 'Zimo' when you have made a pattern of four triplets and one pair.

The sequences you're trying to make in Mahjong Hong Kong can be a little difficult to understand if you don't first understand the suits you are playing with or what the tiles are. The suits are pretty easy to understand. Green tiles are the Bamboo suit. The Bamboo 1 has an image of an owl. The other tiles, aside from the 8 which has a 'w' and 'm' image, show bamboo shoots in red, green or black. The number of bamboo shoots on the tile, which are shown vertically, correspond with the number that is on that tile. For example, the 2 of Bamboo will have two bamboo shoots on it. Red tiles are the Money suit. These ones are pretty self explanitory. They're predominantly red with one black character at the top. They all have the same symbol. Blue tiles are the Circle suit. These tiles feature multicolored circle symbols on them that number the same as the number of the card. The 2 of circles has two circles on it, for example. There are four tiles in the Wind suit. Each has a letter representing a compass point; 'E' for East, 'S' for South, 'W' for West and 'N' for North. There are only three tiles in the Dragon suit, an 'F' with a green symbol on it, a 'C' with a red symbol on it and a 'B; with a frame like square around it.

There are several patterns in Mahjong Hong Kong that can help you significantly in the game. Basically, there are four of each kind of tile on the table so you have a total of 136 tiles altogether. Chi or Chow is a sequence of non-wind or dragon tiles that follow numbered sequence. Peng three of the exact same tile, such as three 1's, that are all of the same suit. Kang is four of the exact same tile, such as four 1's that are all of the same suit. They aren't easy to make, but they're well worth trying for. This is another thing that sets this game apart from many other online mahjong games. A concealed pattern, a pattern made up of tile sets that have not been Peng, Chi or Kang, is worth 1 point. If you win on the first tile you draw, you will have a Heaven's Hu and get 64 points. If you win on the first tile the dealer has discarded you will have an Earth's Hu and win 64 points. A Zimo pattern is when you win a game by picking up a tile. This is worth 1 point, but you'll also get paid by each player at the table. You can also get a Pandora's Zemo pattern which is worth 1 point and is created when you win with the last tile you pick up. There are several additional patterns that can bring far more points, but these are the basic patterns you should try for.

Overall, Mahjong Hong Kong is one of the best mahjong games online and perhaps even one of the best puzzle games. You need to carefully choose your moves if you want to win. Your opponents know what they're doing. Make sure you do too. While the game isn't easy to get the hang of, take the time to learn how to play and you'll find yourself addicted to this wonderfully intense and engrossing game.