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Mahjong Tower Controls

Mahjong Tower is controlled by using the mouse. Click on tiles to select and match them.

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Mahjong Tower is a puzzle game loosely based on the classic Chinese game, Mahjong. Mahjong Tower features beautiful graphics, simple controls, and seventy tile layouts.

The goal of Mahjong Tower is to clear the stage of all tiles by matching them with like tiles. Tiles may be matched only if they have the exact same symbols on them. The exceptions to this rule are the flower tiles and the season tiles which may be matched with any other tile in their respective category. Only tiles that have their left, right, or both sides free and no other tiles on top of them may be matched. You have unlimited time in this puzzle game, but bonus points can be earned by quickly clearing the tiles.

Like Mahjong Solitaire, Mahjong Tower requires a strong visual processing skill. At first glance, many tiles have similar designs on them, but they are in fact different. Take your time to inspect tiles before attempting to match them. Luckily, there is no time limit, and you are not punished for mistakes in this puzzle game, so you can take all of the time that you need. With enough practice, you will eventually be able to clear the stage quickly, earning bonus points and breaking your personal records!

The graphics of Mahjong Tower are well-polished, but it is at times difficult to see the icons on tiles, particularly when part of a tile is behind another. The game would have been made easier had the developers made other tiles transparent when hovering the mouse over covered tiles, or at least displayed the icon in one corner of the screen. If you have a feeling that a covered tile is the match of another, all you can do is try to make a match. If you were correct, the tiles will disappear; if not, the tiles will stay. Luckily, this puzzle game does not have penalties for errors, so you can use this method as many times as you need to.

Mahjong Tower is not perfect, but it is still a puzzle game worth playing for fans of the genre. With seventy layouts, Mahjong Tower is a Mahjong Solitaire fanatic's dream come true!