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Monkey Go Happy: The Castle Controls

Monkey Go Happy: The Castle is controlled by using the mouse. Use your mouse to interact with objects in the game.

  • Rating: 4.4/5

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Monkey Go Happy: The Castle Walkthrough

Monkey Go Happy: The Castle is the fourteenth installment in the Monkey Go Happy series of point-and-click puzzle games. This installment retains the straightforward mechanics of its predecessors, but also features improved graphics and a simple storyline.

After choosing the monkey that you wish to play as and the hat that you want them to wear (these choices have no effect on gameplay), you will be ready to embark on your quest. The objective of Monkey Go Happy: The Castle is to rescue the fifteen baby monkeys that have been kidnapped and turned into money-gargoyle hybrids by an evil mad scientist. In order to complete this task, you will have to navigate the castle and its surrounding grounds, collect items, and solve puzzles.

You will have to have a keen eye for detail if you want to beat this adventure game. Some of the gargoyle monkeys are well-hidden, so it may be easy to overlook them. Take your time and comb each scene with your eyes, making sure to take note of subtle nuances in the background, insignias, and other things of interest. If you miss something, do not be afraid to retrace your steps. There is no time limit, so you can take as long as you need to complete the game, but keep in mind that there is no save feature, so you will have to beat it in one sitting.

Monkey Go Happy: The Castle is an excellent adventure game that players of all ages can enjoy. Try to beat it using as few clicks as your can if you really want to challenge yourself!