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Use your mouse to aim your dart. Hold the left mouse button to choose the strength of your shot and release the left mouse button to fire your shot.

  • Rating: 4.32/5

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What could be better than Bloons - the classic point and click puzzle game of balloon popping fun? More Bloons, of course. The apt sequel in the series, More Bloons adds more obstacles, more special balloons and more difficulty to each of the fifty levels making this game even more challenging than the first. Some of the levels feel nearly impossible as you struggle to figure out the right way to solve the puzzle presented to you, but the game is never so difficult you feel like you have to give up. If you are at all familiar with the original game, this one won't give you much trouble in terms of using the controls or figuring out how to play the game, but it will definitely challenge you in ways the original didn't. For that reason, the sequel is far more addictive than it's predecessor which is really saying a lot. This is a game that will keep you playing level after level.

The graphics and game controls in More Bloons are more or less the same as those in the original. The main difference here is the addition of even more special balloons to help you accomplish your level goal and some new special balloons that make the game even harder. Ice balloons, for example, will freeze the balloons around it making them much harder to pop. Bomb balloons, on the other hand, will pop all of the balloons around them. Knowing which balloons are helpful and which are harmful will take a little trial and error but you'll find quickly that avoiding the harmful balloons is nearly impossible. Instead, you need to find a way to use them to your advantage. For example, in some of the levels you can use frozen balloons to help you reach a special balloon that is blocked off by obstacles. Other times, you need to do all you can to avoid freezing the balloons. Bomb balloons will blow up ice balloons. The balloons that allow you to pop an entire row of balloons to its right and left will also pop ice balloons, as long as they lie to the right or left of the special balloon. You will often need to use angles and arches to reach the special balloons you need. Other times you will need to use the black bouncing tile walls to ricochet your darts to hit the balloons you need to hit. All of these things will take logic and a lot of trial and error. As in the first, your darts are limited though, so choose your arrows carefully. Unused darts are not carried forward to the next level.

More Bloons is an excellent addition to the Bloons family of games and will satisfy even the most discerning puzzle game fan. This game is without a doubt one of the best point and click puzzle games on the internet and it will keep you playing level after level. It is a fitting follow up to a wildly addictive, wildly entertaining game. If you manage to get through all fifty levels, you will be rushing to play the next game in the series and hoping the creators release more.