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Nanopath Controls

Nanopath is controlled by using the mouse. Interact with the game's interface and edit paths by using the mouse. You may also use keyboard shortcuts to select tools.

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Nanopath Walkthrough

Nanopath is a puzzle game designed by the Flash game dream team of robotJAM and Longanimals. As can be expected from these developers, Nanopath is a well-designed game with excellent graphics and even a minor storyline for those interested.

According to the brief story given at the beginning of Nanopath, the machines have taken over and it is up to you to get inside of them to stop them and save the world! In terms of gameplay, this means drawing a path for the nanocraft to follow to reach the exit of each level. There are thirty-six levels in this puzzle game. You do not have to complete them all at once, however, since your progress is saved at the end of each level.

Nanopath uses the mouse as its primary control device, but keyboard shortcuts are available. There are four tools that are used to edit paths in this puzzle game. These tools are accessed in the lower-left corner of the screen. From left-to-right, the first tool is the drag tool (keyboard shortcut: 1 key). The drag tool is used to move nodes that are drawn on the path. The second tool is the insert tool (keyboard shortcut: 2 key) which is used to insert waypoints onto your path. The third tool is the add tool (keyboard shortcut: 3 key) which is used to add waypoints to the end of your path. The final tool is the delete tool (keyboard shortcut: 4 key) which is used to delete nodes. You may undo any actions by clicking the undo button or pressing the U key. If you want to start over from scratch, you can click the clear button. Finally, click the play button once you are ready to set your vehicle in motion.

The faster your vehicle reaches the exit, the more points you will earn in this puzzle game. For this reason, shorter paths are best if you are trying for a high score. On the other hand, longer paths and paths with more nodes take longer to navigate, but they are often safer. Remember that you can always come back to replay levels that you have already completed in an effort to increase your score.

Nanopath is a masterpiece of a puzzle game, but we would expect nothing less from robotJAM and Longanimals. If you are looking for a pathway to puzzle game bliss, then you've found it in Nanopaths!