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Use your mouse to navigate through the maze.

  • Rating: 4.44/5

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Neon Maze Walkthrough

Neon Maze is an incredible online maze-based puzzle game with simple graphics, simple rules and a simple premise that is somehow, anything but simple. While the first level or two may fool you into thinking this game will be a walk in the park, as you progress you will see just how challenging the game actually is. It isn't easy to get through later levels by any stretch of the imagination and that's what makes this game so much fun. If you are looking for a real challenge without all the flash other online puzzle games offer. The creators of this game recognized that a game doesn't have to be flashy to be fun; focusing on making a difficult, yet playable game that challenges the player to use their brain.

The great thing about Neon Maze is that it's really for anyone looking for a good challenge. Experienced puzzle game players will find it challenging and fun, but it isn't so complicated newcomers to online puzzle games won't be able to figure out how to play it. The goal is simply to get your target through the maze and into the exit. There are different colored barriers blocking your way though, so you will need to navigate over the appropriate colored 'gears' to change the color of your target to match the color of the barrier you need to get through. For example, if you start a level with a yellow target and need to get through a red barrier, you will need to look for a red gear. By gears, I'm referring to icons of various colors throughout each maze that are not your player icon. To change your yellow target to a red target using a red gear, you simply need to make your target run over the red gear. Your target follows your mouse so just put your mouse on one side of the gear and then move it straight across the gear to the other side. Your target will follow along and change from yellow to red as soon as the gear is collected. You will now be able to move through red barriers.

There are several different colored barriers and gears throughout each of the levels in Neon Maze so you will often have to change colors multiple times. Sometimes, this will be straightforward; collect the blue gear in front of a blue barrier and go straight through. Other times, you will need to use a little more planning. Avoid running into barriers that you cannot get through. For example, if your target is yellow, avoid running into red barriers. Running into a barrier you cannot get through deducts points from your score. It may be hard to do at times, but remember, your target follows your pointer. If you see that you are heading in the wrong direction, quickly move your mouse the opposite way. You might still hit the barrier, but it's your best chance of avoiding it.

Overall, Neon Maze is an excellent online puzzle game that will keep you playing level after level. The solution is not always obvious which is what makes this game the most fun. This game is incredibly addictive and because it is so different from many of the other puzzle games online, it doesn't feel like more of the same. You'll have a blast with this one. Just don't be surprised if you wind up playing far longer than you intend to. This is definitely a game you'll get hooked on.