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NoNoSparks: Genesis Controls

NoNoSparks: Genesis is controlled by using the mouse. You may also hold down the spacebar while clicking on the grid to mark a square as empty.

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NoNoSparks: Genesis Walkthrough

Nonograms are are puzzles where cells on a grid are filled with colors or left blank based on clues provided by numbers on the side of the grid. When the grid is filled in properly, images are revealed. NoNoSparks: Genesis is a puzzle game that takes the basic concept of the nonogram and soups it up with detailed graphics and a jazzy soundtrack.

The goal of NoNoSparks: Genesis is to complete all twenty-four nonograms. The game starts out easy with small grids but the challenge ramps up as you progress. There are no penalties for making mistakes and no time limits, but you will not be able to advance to the next level until you have properly filled in the grid. Your progress is saved upon the completion of each level, so you can continue from where you left off the next time that you play this puzzle game.

In order to play NoNoSparks: Genesis, it may help to know how nonograms work. Nonograms are played on grids that must be colored to reveal a picture. Numbers on the left side of a row indicate the number of filled squares in that row, while numbers at the top of a column indicate the number of filled squares in that column. Multiple numbers indicate nonconsecutive filled squares (for example, a lone '4' to the left of a row would indicate that four consecutive squares would be filled, while the sequence of "1 3" would indicate that a single cell would be filled somewhere in the row followed by a group of three filled cells that do not touch the fire filled cell). The mouse is used to color cells in this puzzle game. Simply click on the cell that you wish to fill. If you make an error, you can click on a filled cell to erase it.

Logic and deductive reasoning are keys to success in NoNoSparks: Genesis. It is best to fill in rows or columns that are completely filled, or at least those that have the most filled squares first. This method will make the process of elimination easier, allowing you to deduce which squares are filled and which are empty. It may also help to mark squares that you know will be empty by holding the spacebar while clicking them.

NoNoSparks: Genesis is a challenging and addictive puzzle game that players of all ages can enjoy. See if you can complete all twenty-four levels!