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Ouka Controls

Ouka is controlled by using the mouse. Move your mouse to position the symbol under your mouse cursor, then click it.

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Ouka (also romanized as "Ohka") is a Japanese word meaning cherry blossom (for all of you Japanophiles out there, "ouka" is the Chinese reading or on'yomi while "sakura" is the Japanese reading or kun'yomi). Ouka is also the name of this simple point-and-click puzzle game. This puzzle game features dazzling visuals, straightforward controls, and sixteen levels.

The goal of Ouka is to click the cherry blossom symbol that appears on each stage. Some stages are straightforward, while other stages will require you to put more though into this action. It wouldn't be a real puzzle game if you could get away with simply clicking on the symbol, would it? Levels do not have time limits, and you can click as many times as you want. You are not graded for your performance in this puzzle game, just click on the symbol to complete the level.

Some levels of Ouka require fast reactions and hand-eye coordination while others require brain power. Trial-and-error also works well in this puzzle game since there are no time limits or click limits. If you are having trouble figuring out how to catch the symbol, you can always click the hint button in the lower-right corner of the screen. Using the hints should not be required cheating since they require brain power to decipher as well! If you are really having trouble, you can exit to the level selection screen and play a different level. All of the levels are available from the start and can be played in any order.

With only sixteen levels, Ouka is a rather brief puzzle game. That does not mean that it isn't challenging, however, and it is perfect for a quick gaming break. If you cannot complete the game in one session, don't worry; you can play the sixteen levels in any order, and any level that you have already completed will be marked by a white cherry blossom!