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Out of Wind is controlled by using the mouse. Click and drag to put gears into position.

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As anyone who has played a SimCity game will know, wind turbines are used to convert the energy of the wind into useful forms of energy such as electricity. Wind turbines are ecologically friendly since they have little impact on the environment and do not emit pollution. The downside to wind power is that it may not always be windy! Out of Wind is a puzzle game based on just such a scenario. This brain game features vibrant graphics, soothing background music, and twenty challenging levels.

The objective of Out of Wind is to get the village turbines running again. Since there is no wind, you will have to resort to using underground gears to get the windmills turning. Each level of the game will have a gear or multiple gears) that are already turning. You will have to place the gears allotted to you in proper position to cause the gear connected to the turbines to turn, thus powering the turbine. Why don't the villagers just dig holes to utilize the power source that is turning the gears? Maybe these villagers are taking green living to the extreme. Also, we wouldn't have much of a puzzle game without problems to solve, would we?

The initial levels of Out of Wind are very straightforward. Simply click and drag gears into position until they all rotate and you get the windmills turning again. As you progress, things will become more complex and will require more brain power. There is no time limit to levels in this puzzle game, so experiment and spend as much time as you need to complete each level. If you need to quit and come back later, your progress is saved so you can continue from the level that you left off on.

Some levels of Out of Wind utilize a forge, allowing you to create your own gears. To create gears, click and drag on empty pegs until you have the size of gear that you want. Your ability to forge gears is limited (as indicated in the lower-right corner of the screen), so only build what you need and avoid going overboard.

Out of Wind is a puzzle game that will take your breath away. With twenty levels, Out of Wind is relatively brief, but it makes for a perfect gaming break for casual gamers!