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Perfect Balance 3 Controls

Perfect Balance 3 is controlled by using the mouse and the keyboard. Click on shapes to select them, then click on the stage to place them. Use the left and right arrow keys, A and D keys, or mouse wheel to rotate shapes. The Z and C keys rotate shapes and small increments.

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Perfect Balance 3 Walkthrough

Perfect Balance 3 is the third game in the Perfect Balance series of puzzle games. Perfect Balance 3 retains the gameplay that the series is known for but also features a new graphical style and five new level packs.

The goal of Perfect Balance 3 is the same as that of the first two games of the series: place all of the shapes on the stage without causing any to fall. If you manage to balance all of the shapes, you will be able to advance to the next level, but if any of the shapes fall off of the screen, you will be forced to retry the level. Gems also make their return in this puzzle game. It is not necessary to balance all of the gems at the end of each level, you earn bonus points for each gem placed, including a three hundred point bonus for balancing all of the gems. You will also have to balance a number of gems to unlock additional level packs.

Perfect Balance 3 uses a control scheme similar to that used in the previous two games of the series. Shapes are placed by clicking on them, then clicking on where you want to put them on the stage. The are four ways to rotate shapes in this puzzle game: the A and D keys, left and right arrow keys, mouse wheel, or Z and C keys. The first three rotation methods are the same, but the Z and C keys rotate shapes by a small increment rather than by a full forty-five degrees.

Perfect Balance 3 does a great job capturing the gameplay style that the Perfect Balance series is renowned for, but the reason behind the graphical changes remains a mystery. The menu and graphical interface are somewhat improved, but the in-game graphics used for the basic shapes are downright hideous compared to those used in Perfect Balance and Perfect Balance 2. This puzzle game also lacks the number of levels found in its predecessor; level sets here consist of ten levels rather than twenty. These flaws are excusable though, especially if you are a fan of the series.

In some ways, Perfect Balance 3 feels like it takes its series one step forward and two steps back from Perfect Balance 2, but it is still a solid physics game. If you enjoyed the first two Perfect Balance puzzle games, or found the second game to be too lengthy or challenging, then Perfect Balance 3 is worth giving a try.