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Pipe Down Controls

Pipe Down is controlled by using the mouse. Click on pipe segments to select them. Click on the green arrows adjacent to segments of pipe to move them. Click on the "Drop Ball" button to drop the ball. Click and drag on empty parts of the screen to rotate the camera view.

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Pipe Down Walkthrough

Pipe Down is an awesome three-dimensional puzzle game. This Shockwave game features simple controls, great graphics, and challenging gameplay.

The objective of Pipe Down is to position pieces of pipe so as to guide a ball that will drop from the top of the stage into a basket at the bottom. Pipe segments are moved by clicking on them to select them, then clicking on the green arrows that will appear to move them in the respective direction. Once you are satisfied with your positioning of the pipe segments, click on the "Drop Ball" button on the right side of the screen to drop the ball. If the ball falls into the basket, you will be successful and will advance to the next level; if the ball does not fall into the basket, you will have to retry the level in order to advance. The full version of this puzzle game features additional gameplay modes, more levels, and the ability to save and load games, but this demo should be enough to satisfy most casual gamers.

Perspective is important in Pipe Down. Remember that this is a three-dimensional puzzle game, so pipe segments and the ball can travel in all three directions. It is helpful to reposition the camera to get a proper bearing of each stage. To move the camera, click and drag on empty spaces on the screen. If you are still having trouble figuring out how to solve a puzzle, you can click on the "Hint" button in the lower-right of the screen. You only get three hints per level though, so use them sparingly.

Pipe Down is a straightforward and addictive puzzle game that utilizes the power of Shockwave to bring 3D graphics to your browser without slowdown. This version of Pipe Down is only a demo, so some of the features have been cut, but it is still great for a quick puzzle game fix!