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Pop Pies Controls

Select pies with the mouse and the left mouse button. Remove groups of pies by double clicking with the left mouse button.

  • Rating: 4.72/5

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Pop Pies Walkthrough

Pop Pies is a fun and inventive point and click puzzle game in which your only goal is to remove all of the pies on the screen by blowing them up. It follows the same basic premise and uses the same rules and controls as many of the other block breaking style games online, but instead of blocks, you're removing pies. If you are at all familiar with this genre of game, you shouldn't have a hard time getting the hang of this one. That doesn't mean it's easy though. It also doesn't mean it isn't a lot of fun.

The real challenge of Pop Pies is the sheer number of pies on the game screen that you need to remove. The colors are the standard colors you're used to seeing in other games, but with so many different pies on the screen, removing them is definitely a challenge. You can only remove pies of the same color in groups of three or more and each pie that makes up the group must be touching another pie in the group on at least one side. The great thing about this game is that you get a bonus if you are able to clear an entire column which definitely helps you build a high score faster. In addition, you are given extra points depending on the size of the group you make. The bigger the group, the more points you get. Challenge yourself to get a high score or to beat your high score if you're finding the game a bit too easy. This adds a fun new dimension to the game that will challenge you to keep playing game after game.

Overall, Pop Pies doesn't really offer anything new when compared to other block breaking style puzzle games online, but it is a lot of fun and it is extremely addictive. The fact that you're blowing up pies instead of multi-colored blocks keeps the game from feeling like more of the same or boring and bland. The bonuses are great and will challenge you to keep playing because you will want to beat your high score. This might not become you're favorite puzzle game, but it is definitely worth playing and is a great game to kill a little time with.