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Professor Fizzwizzle Controls

Move left using the left arrow key. Move right using the right arrow key. Climb up using the up arrow key. Climb down using the down arrow key. Restart the level by pressing 'r'.

  • Rating: 4.06/5

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Professor Fizzwizzle Walkthrough

Professor Fizzwizzle is an fun and entertaining online puzzle game that challenges you to solve the puzzles presented to you in each level to get Profession Fizzwizzle to the exit. This is a great game to start with if you are interested in playing puzzle games online but can't quite get the hang of the more difficult games yet. If you're an experienced puzzle game player looking for a challenge, however, you might find this one a bit too easy. If you're just looking for a game to kill a little time with, this might be the game for you. It's short and fairly simple, but the graphics are a lot of fun and some of the puzzles will take a little thinking. It isn't the most difficult puzzle game, but it is fun.

The basic premise of Professor Fizzwizzle is simple - get the Professor to the exit by solving the puzzle the level presents to you. Get to the exit and move on to the next level. The Professor can't jump but he can climb up ladders, move left and right and climb down ladders. Every puzzle in the game is solvable using those basic controls. Throughout the game you are given crates and barrels you will use to complete challenges. Remember, the Professor cannot jump over these objects, so you will need to either push them or find a way to get over them. Barrels and crates can both be pushed and barrels will continue to roll until it hits an obstacle to stop it. If a rolling barrel bumps into a stationary barrel, the barrel that was rolling will stop and the stationary barrel will begin rolling. You can stop a barrel from rolling by using the Professor. Simply stand the Professor where you want the barrel to stop and it will stop there. Crates will not roll, obviously. You will need to push them where you want them to go. If you are confronted with a stack of crates, the Professor will always push the bottom crate first. Be careful not to get yourself sandwiched between crates with nowhere to push them as you can't climb over the crates. If there are two crates touching on at least one side, you won't be able to push them.

Professor Fizzwizzle will have to contend with gaps in the ground as well as two additional types of terrain that will make getting him to the exit more difficult as well. The Professor cannot jump over gaps in the ground so you will need to fill gaps with barrels or crates. This will take a little planning but you should be able to figure out which crates and barrels you need to use and how to use them with a little careful thinking. If you make the wrong move, you can reset the level. You can reset each level as many times as you need to. Two types of terrain are introduced that you'll need to deal with; ice and sand. Sand will make pushing objects more difficult. You cannot push crates on sand at all. Barrels will move one space at a time on sand instead of rolling until they hit an object. This is actually quite helpful in later levels. Ice has the opposite effect. Objects on ice slide quickly and will continue to slide until the object hits something to stop it or slides off the edge of the platform. The Professor will also slide on ice but be careful not to slide off the edge of any platforms. You cannot change the direction the professor is sliding when he is sliding on ice, so use caution around this type of terrain. If there is already a crate or barrel on the ice and another object bumps into it, the object that was already there will slide away.

Beyond the gaps in the ground and the different types of terrain, Professor Fizzwizzle will also come up against gates and trampolines. Trampolines are extremely useful. Trampolines are yellow objects that are usually placed on the ends of platforms. They stand vertically as opposed to horizontally and can be used to change the direction a barrel is rolling. Remember that the Professor will stop a barrel if it hits him so if the Professor is standing between the barrel and where you need the barrel to go, you will need to get out of the way. When you reach the levels in the game where you come up against colored gates, you will need to use crates and barrels to help you open the gates. Each gate will have a corresponding button somewhere in the level. For example, there will be a red button on the ground to open a red gate. The gate will only be open as long as the button is pressed. If the Professor stands on the button the gate will open but as soon as he moves off of the button, the gate will close. Use a crate or a barrel to hold the button down and keep the gate open.

Overall, Professor FizzWizzle is one of the easiest puzzle games online, but what it doesn't offer in terms of challenge it makes up for in fun. The puzzles will take a little bit of logic to solve, but none of them are so difficult you won't be able to figure them out. My only real complaint about this game is that it is far too short. Fans of puzzle games will have little trouble getting through to the end of the game but those new to the genre might take a little more time. This is a great game to play to get used to arrow controlled puzzle games and an excellent game to kill a little time with. If you want to be truly challenged, try another game but if you are just looking to be entertained, give this game a shot.