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Puzzle Bobble Controls

If you love classic arcade and puzzle games, then Puzzle Bobble is yours for the taking! Just like most puzzle games, the controls of this one is very easy to pick up: start the game by pressing the Enter key, and use the left and right directional keys to move your shooter to the right direction. When you are ready to fire, just hit the space bar button.

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Puzzle Bobble Walkthrough

Back in 1986, Taito Corp. released Bubble Bobble to the arcades - showcasing 2 little and cute dinosaurs Bub and Bob. Needless to say, the bubble bursting and blowing arcade game was a HUGE hit and expanded...leading to several sequels. In 1994, however, wanting to take over the puzzle games genre, the corporation released Puzzle Bobble (known as Bust-A-Move in the US). And the rest, we know what happened - it led to the creation of brand new and action packed puzzle games.

If you are missing the good old days, then here's the good news for you: NILS has just created a flash version of the said puzzle game. The looks, the game play, and everything else sticks to the original. Just use your arrow keys to aim, press space bar to shoot, and get ready to have fun playing this classic.

At the start of every round, the playing area contains a pre arranged pattern of bubbles of different colors. At the bottom of the screen, you will find your device which is known as the pointer. That pointer is your best friend. It aims and fires up bubbles up the screen. HOWEVER, the color of the bubbles fired and loaded are randomly generated and they are chosen from the colors that are still left in the playing field.

The idea of the game is to clear all of the bubbles from the arena...WITHOUT dying. Bubbles will fire automatically if you remain idle for quite some time. Once you have cleared the area, the next round begins - coming at you with new combinations and patterns of bubbles to clear.

Just like in the game, the fired bubbles travel in straight lines. HOWEVER, they can bounce off of the side walls of the playing field. They stop once they reach or touch other bubbles. If the bubble touches an identically colored one, and forms a group of three or more, they are removed from the playing field (along with the bubbles hanging on them), earning you points. The more bubbles you have eliminated with a shot, the higher you score.

Now, be warned, after a couple of shots, the ceiling of the playing field slightly drops along with the bubbles sticking to it. The number of shots between every drop of the ceiling relies on the number of the bubble colors remaining. The closer they get to the bottom, the faster you should go. The music plays faster and once they cross the line at the bottom, you die and it's game over for you.

Just like the old times, the music of Puzzle Bobble is...well, repetitive and a little annoying especially in this day and age where puzzle games, or any video game for that matter, free or paid comes with nice soundtracks. BUT nevertheless, the game is still fun to play. As fun as it was back when I was a kid.