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QWOP Controls

Just in case your wondering what on earth does QWOP mean, simply read on and find out. The name QWOP is derived from the keys that you need to control that runner. Q and W keys are for each of the two legs. On the other hand, O and P buttons are for controlling his calves. The controls themselves are easy and straightforward. The hard part, however, is getting the right combination so that your runner would run the right direction in the right way. Just how hard could running in the right direction be in this game? Well, let's just say most people would either fall over or actually run backwards. Most likely, if you're new to the game, that's what'll happen to you. Without further adieu, let's check out the game.

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QWOP Walkthrough

If you're going to do a survey asking what is the hardest game to play, you would get a lot of answers. It's different for fans of shooting games. Enthusiasts of RPG's will have a different opinion. Real-time strategy game players will also have their own answer. However when it comes to puzzles or puzzle games, especially those flash-based and free ones, one game seems to top it all - QWOP. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the game, this is an imitation of a 100 m Olympics track event. The background of the game sounds familiar, but the mechanics as you will see are hard to pick up.

Easily, QWOP became one of the most addictive games on the Internet. But what on earth is QWOP? Well in a nutshell, you are playing as a lone representative of the country to the Olympics. Unfortunately, running isn't the easiest thing for you. Your muscles are not working the way they are supposed to. Have you ever been so drunk that your body feels like Jell-O? It feels awkward, doesn't it? You need to exert that extra effort just to stand up. And walking is twice as difficult. If you have ever experienced that, that's exactly the character you're playing in QWOP. To make things worse, he has to run. The calves and thighs have to be controlled meticulously just to get to the finish line. There you go, that's the puzzle of this entire game. And not many have figured it out.

The good news is that I have a couple of tips to give you: first off, start by tapping the O button. This should allow him to lean forward. Once he has that tiny bit of forward momentum, hold down the P button as well as the O button. This should help him make his first step. When you see his front foot coming down, switch buttons: press O and W together. Hold it down to make his second step. Rinse and repeat. Just keep on doing it, but also try to time it so he stays lean slightly forward. (I told you it's not easy, your fingers can get easily tangled up). That's about the only way to get to the 100 meter mark. Remember - you are the country's only representative. Winning is not an issue, but getting to the finish line is.

Summing things up, QWOP is unorthodox as games come. It's not everyday that you see puzzle games that have its twists and turns. And very few puzzle games could be so challenging that they would be named as one of the hardest games ever... not to mention addicting too. So, are you up to the challenge? Can you get the runner to the 100m mark? There's only way to find out: play QWOP now.