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RectRot Controls

RectRot is controlled by using the keyboard. Use the left and right arrow keys to rotate counter-clockwise and clockwise respectively. The up arrow key is used to shoot. The up arrow key is used to shoot.

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RectRot Walkthrough

RectRot may sound like some type of horrible ailment, but it is not; it is a delightful Flash game! This puzzle game features pixel graphics, awesome audio, forty levels, and gameplay that combines elements of platform games and puzzle games.

The goal of RectRot is to rotate your rectangle (which is how the name of the game was derived) to collect blue keys. When all of the blue keys have been collected, you will be able to access the green portal and move on to the next level. Avoid touching the edges of the screen, red blocks, and other hazards to prevent your death. If your rectangle touches a dangerous item, you will be forced to restart the level, but luckily, you have unlimited lives in this puzzle game.

For those of you that weren't paying attention to the in-game tutorial, the arrow keys are used to control RectRot. The left and right arrow keys rotate your rectangle counter-clockwise and clockwise respectively. The up arrow key is used to shoot. Shooting is useful for clearing paths, but the recoil of shots can also move your rectangle in the opposite direction that it is facing. If your rectangle shoots a wall at point-blank range, it will be propelled in the opposite direction. This is useful for "jumping" from surface-to-surface.

There is are no time limits or move limits in this RectRot, but you can maximize your score by completing each level in as few moves as possible. If you want to minimize the moves that you make, plan ahead and visualize the rotation and location of your rectangle. I advise you to earn as many points as you can on the initial levels of this puzzle game, since it becomes harder to reduce the number of moves you make on later levels where hazards are more numerous.

Although RectRot is not a true platformer, fans of the genre can still appreciate it. Gamers that enjoy puzzle games with a bit of action will be right at home playing RectRot!