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RIFT Controls

Move right with right arrow key. Move left with left arrow key. Jump with up arrow key. Pick up objects using 's'.

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RIFT Walkthrough

RIFT is an engrossing and addictive online puzzle game that will keep your attention level after level as you try to find cake and deliver it to your rather bulbous and very hungry master. You are a somewhat intelligent robot designed to gather and deliver food. And the entire goal of the game is to deliver that food to your master, who likely is also your creator. You are a good little robot and only want to do what you were made to do. That isn't always easy, though and as the game progresses it can actually be quite difficult to achieve your goal. The whole time your insatiable master is shouting for his cake. Get the cake to him and you'll be showered with praise. Fail to deliver the cake for him and, best case scenario, you have to start the level over and worst case scenario, die. The level of difficulty involved in the game along with the fun graphics and entertaining story combine to make this one of the most addictive and playable puzzle games online.

While many puzzles games online stick with brain teasers, basic graphics and next to no story, RIFT focuses on challenging you while also focusing on entertaining you at the same time. Instead of becoming bland and boring after a few levels, RIFT is the type of puzzle game that can be played again and again until you beat all of the levels offered. It's a game that really offers something for everything which is what makes it so appealing. Action game fans will be treated to the action they want once the shooters are introduced which you need to avoid getting hit by if you want to survive the level. Puzzle game fans will love trying to figure out how to accomplish the challenge put before them and get the cake to their master. Graphics fans will be treated to a game that, while somewhat simple stylistically still offers fun visuals. Those who just like good games will be treated to one of the best free games online.

In the beginning, RIFT is a tad simple and many experienced players may find it far too easy. Stick with it though. As you progress the levels get much more difficult and you'll get the challenge you're looking for. Getting through many of the levels will require logical thinking, planning and problem solving. For example, in many of the levels there are doors you need to pass through that are opened using a button on the floor. The problem here is that once you roll away from that button, the door will close. You will need to use boxes to hold down those buttons while you go through the doors. Sometimes though, you will need to use those boxes again to open other doors. Be careful not to leave youself stuck between doors with no boxes or you'll need to restart the level. Add to this the challenge of having to evade shooters in later levels while still opening doors with your boxes and trying to collect the cake for your master and you've got a very difficult game that never stops being entertaining.

Overall, RIFT is an excellent puzzle game that sets itself apart from other puzzle games online by providing you with a fun story while you play. It might be a little difficult to get the hang of in the beginning if you are used to playing less action focused puzzle games, but you'll get the hang of it eventually and have a blast while you improve.