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Rolling Turtle Controls

Speed up using the right arrow key. Slow down using the left arrow key. Zoom in using the up arrow key. Zoom out using the down arrow key. Jump using 'space'.

  • Rating: 3.62/5

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Rolling Turtle Walkthrough

Rolling Turtle is an excellent action based puzzle game in which you need to use your arrow keys and the spacebar to get your turtle to the finish line. The premise is simple but the game gets fairly difficult rather quickly. The first levels are fairly easy to conquer, but as you progresses, you are introduced to new factors; some of which make the game easier, some of which make the game more difficult. The challenge is to figure out the best way to get to the finish line without running into any harmful obstacles or falling off the edges of platforms.

The real trick to doing well in Rolling Turtle is to take advantage of the zoom function and take a look at what the course holds for you. Figure out where you need your turtle to end up and the figure out the best way to get him there. It will take a lot of logic and a little practice, but there isn't a single level in this game that can't be beaten. Those who are used to point and click puzzle games will likely have a bit of difficulty getting used to the controls of this game but in time, you'll get the hang of it. Newcomers to this genre of online games will probably have a little bit of trouble to, but may be at an advantage as they won't already be used to using traditional point and click controls. Regardless of your experience level, however, you are certain to enjoy this game.

Overall, Rolling Turtle is a surprisingly challenging, and surprisingly addictive online puzzle game that will keep you playing round after round. From the very beginning it draws you in and the increasing levels of difficulty keep the game from becoming bland or boring. You'll have a great time playing this game even if you aren't able to get to the very end. You'll find yourself going back for more time and time again and loving every moment of it.