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RSVP: The Dinner Party Game Controls

RSVP: The Dinner Party Game is controlled by using the mouse. Click on cards to select them, and click on slots around the table to place them.

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RSVP: The Dinner Party Game Walkthrough

RSVP: The Dinner Party Game is a card game presented by the television network, Lifetime. Although Lifetime is marketed as "Television for Women", both men and women alike can enjoy this puzzle game.

Each card in RSVP: The Dinner Party Game represents a dinner guest that must be seated around the table. Each card (with the exception of wild cards) has two colored portions. Guests will not be happy unless the colors on their cards match the colors to either side of them. If you arrange all of the guests on the table so that they are happy with their seating positions, you will advances to the next level of this puzzle game. If all spots around the table are full but the guests are not happy, you will lose and have to retry the current level.

The mouse is used to control RSVP: The Dinner Party Game. Cards are dealt at the bottom of the screen. Click on a card to select it, then click on a slot around the table to seat the guest on the card. You can discard your hand by clicking the arrow to the right of the cards, but doing so costs five points and you may only do this four times per level. It is possible to swap the positions of guests that are already seated in this puzzle game by clicking on them, then clicking on an empty or occupied space. Once a card is placed on the table, however, it cannot be discarded.

RSVP: The Dinner Party Game is simple in concept, but can be challenging in practice (which is ideal for a puzzle game). Cards are dealt randomly, so you will not be able to memorize patterns. Instead, you will have to think your way through each level. It is a good idea to place cards with matching colors adjacent to each other as soon as possible, but remember that you can switch their positions later if it helps. Also, do not be afraid to discard cards if you have to. Although discarding cards will cost you five points, it is better to lose five points and continue the game than to lose the level and have to start all over again.

RSVP: The Dinner Party Game is a fun and challenging puzzle game that will put players' minds to the test. Maybe you can use the skills practiced in this card game to seat you guests the next time that you hold a dinner party!