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Ryokan Controls

Use the left arrow key to move your block left. Use the right arrow key to move your block right. Use the up arrow key to rotate your block clockwise. Use the down arrow key to drop your block. Use 'enter' to rotate your block counter clockwise. Use 'space' to pause the game.

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Ryokan Walkthrough

Ryokan is a fun and addictive online puzzle game that will keep you playing time and time again as you try to beat all five levels. The controls are the same as many other the other online puzzle games that follow this sort of structure although the ability to choose whether you want to rotate your block clockwise or counter clockwise is fairly unique. The graphics and music are fun and change from level to level so the game never gets bland or boring. Everything about this game is appealing; perhaps most of all being the challenge it presents. The goal here is easy and fairly standard in this genre of game - remove the blocks before they can reach the top of the screen. If even one column of blocks reaches the top, your game is over.

Ryokan is unlike most other puzzle games online because the blocks do not reset once you complete a level. Instead, you start the next level with the blocks in the same positions they were in when you completed the previous level. This makes the game much more challenging. You need to try to move as many blocks as you can in each level so you won't start the following level with as many blocks to deal with. Instead of being a struggle to finish the level, which it is anyway, you need to try to set yourself up to be able to more easily complete the next level as well. This is by no means an easy game but that's what makes it one of the most addictive puzzle games out there.

As you progress in Ryokan, the blocks fall faster and the game gets much more challenging. If you aren't used to playing this sort of puzzle game, you may need to take a little time to get used to how the game is played. Those that have played this sort of game before will likely be able to get used to this one pretty quickly as the controls are basically the same as any other game in this genre, but that doesn't mean they will be able to beat the game with ease. Even something as simple as the color change from level to level can be enough to make even a seasoned player of puzzle games find the game much harder.

The best way to get a high score in Ryokan is to make the biggest combination of blocks you can possibly make. Set yourself up for the best combinations in the beginning of the game when the game play isn't as intense. Use the beginning levels to build your score and focus on simply getting through the levels when the game difficulty increases. Overall, this is one of the best puzzle games online and will keep your attention from the very first level to the last. It is entirely possible to beat the game. It will just take a little time, effort and a whole lot of patience.