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Santa Balls 2 Controls

Santa Balls 2 is controlled by using the mouse. Click on objects, then click on adjacent cells to swap them.

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Santa Balls 2 Walkthrough

Santa Balls 2 is the sequel to the Christmas-themed match-3 game, Santa Balls. This puzzle game features the similar gameplay to its predecessor, but sports a hexagon-based grid and superior graphics.

The objective of Santa Balls 2 is to form lines of three or more like objects. This is done by clicking on one object in the grid, then clicking on an adjacent object to swap them. If swapping the objects causes a line of three or more like objects to be formed, then the objects will pop and you will score points. If moves do not form lines of the same item, then they are considered illegal and the items will not be swapped. Illegal moves are not punished in this puzzle game, but they do waste time (although there is no time limit in the game).

In the first Santa Balls, players were given three ball jugglers to shuffle the items in the grid in the hopes of making more possible matches. This tie, you are given six. If you are unable to find any possible combinations of items, then use a ball juggler by clicking one of the red buttons next to Oliver the Elf in the upper-left corner of the screen. These should only be used sparingly since they are not replenished through the course of this puzzle game. If you cannot make any matches and you are out of juggles, the game will end.

Santa Balls 2 is superior to its predecessor in just about every way. The hex-based grid makes for gameplay that is more challenging then the square-based grid used in the first Santa Balls. The graphics of this puzzle game are still simple, but they are also crisper. Oliver the Elf has even more quips to praise (and pester) you. If he becomes annoying, you can turn off his commentary by clicking the switch in the lower-left corner of the screen. Despite these improvements, there is still no time limit in this puzzle game, which makes it easier than it should be in my opinion. The quota that must be met to advance between levels is also not displayed, so you will just have to keep forming combinations until you are taken to the next level.

Santa Balls 2 is a puzzle game that casual gamers will enjoy, but diehard puzzle gamers may find to be too simple. It may be summer, but you can have Christmas in July playing Santa Balls 2!