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Choose and place pieces using the mouse and the left mouse button. Rotate pieces before placing them using 'space'.

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Sheepish is one of the most entertaining and addictive puzzle games online thanks to the challenging levels and fun graphics. The game definitely isn't easy, but it isn't impossible to beat. Each of the fifty levels in this challenging puzzle game offer new and exciting challenges, but none are so difficult you won't feel you can beat them. The premise of the game is fun, the grahics are entertaining and the puzzles are hard. These factors combine to make this game uniquely addictive and a ton of fun.

In Sheepish you are in charge of a sheep station in the midst of a crippling drought. Your poor sheep are running out of grass and their bellies are hungry. Your neighbors have sheep stations and are willing to share their grass but the distance between stations is great and the obstacles are many. You need to help your sheep navigate through the paddocks and avoid obstacles if you want to help them get to their next meal. You are given a variety of tools to use to help guide them on their journey and a few bonuses along the way to help you get a higher score, but to achieve your goal, you will have to rely on your brain to solve the puzzles presented in the game or you won't make it past the tutorial levels. This game takes logic, creative problem solving and a little bit of patience, but it's definitely worth it.

To begin, choose the paddock you want to play in from the map you are shown. As you progress in the game, you will unlock more paddocks. Begin at the first paddock on the map. These paddocks are easier and will give you the chance to get used to how the game is played. Sheepish gives you a panel on the left side of the screen where you can see what parts you have to complete the puzzle. Depending on what is being asked of you, you may have pipes, trampolines, switches and a variety of other tools but in limited supplies. Next to the image of the tool in your panel, you will see a number indicating how many of that item you have to use. If you have any unused pieces in your panel at the completion of the level, you will get bonus points for each piece you did not use.

In Sheepish, you will sometimes need to use more than one piece together to complete the challenge before you. Remember, you can still move the piece after you've placed it. This is a key factor that is absent in many other online puzzle games. In most levels there will already be objects places on the game board. You won't be able to move these objects and will occasionally have to plan your moves around them. Your objects cannot be placed on top of other objects and can only be used on the playable portions of the game board. If you aren't sure if the area where you want to put a piece is playable, hold the item over that area. If a white square appears under the item, you can place it there. If there is no white square you'll have to place it somewhere else.

Once you have all of your pieces placed, click 'Go' and watch your sheep run through the maze. If your sheep hits an obstacle they won't go any further and you will need to reset the game board. If your sheep hits the edge of the game board, a fence or a tree, you will fail the level and have to try the level again. The great thing about Sheepish, however, is that you can retry the levels as many times as you need to in order to successfully complete it. This gives you the chance to see where you're going wrong and make the appropriate corrections.

Because the pieces in Sheepish aren't always easy to understand, there are a few general rules to keep in mind. Black sheep are usually only able to interact with black pieces while white sheep can generally only interact with white pieces. The size of the sheep also makes a difference as small sheep can only interact with small pieces. You are sometimes given modifiers that can change the color or the size of the sheep. Use these pieces along with the pieces on the board to help you get your sheep to their meal. If a sheep comes into contact with a piece they are not able to use, they will jump over it. This is fine in some cases, but in other cases you will need those modifying pieces. Look for 'color sheds' and 'pipe rezisers' in your pieces panel if you are having trouble getting your sheep through the paddock. Chances are you will have at least one of those pieces that you need to use somewhere in the puzzle. You will also have access to vertical cornered pipe ends in some levels which will change the direction of your sheep or switches that will open or close gates in the paddock. Hitting the switch will open or close all of the gates in the paddock so be sure to use them carefully.

Overall, Sheepish is one of the most fun, engrossing and addictive puzzle games online. It is challenging enough to hold the interest of more experienced puzzle game players but not so difficult beginners will want to give up. You need to think carefully about the moves you make, survey the pieces you have and the obstacles you need to overcome and use your logic to solve the puzzles. This is a game you'll want to play again and again.