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Shift 2 Controls

Move left with the left arrow key. Move right with the right arrow key. Jump with 'space'. Invert screen to play in either black or white area of the game screen by pressing 'Shift'.

  • Rating: 3.65/5

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Shift 2 Walkthrough

Shift 2 is the intense, exciting sequel to classic puzzle game Shift. In the second installment of the game you find yourself picking up where you would've left off had you beat the first game. You have won a trophy and are asked to collect it. The problem is that no one has any intention of allowing you to get that trophy - or allowing you to leave with your life. This entertaining game combines the simplicity of stick figure games with the challenge of puzzle games. The combination is entirely addictive and far too much fun to miss.

Shift 2 challenges you to use your logic skills and your problem solving skills to determine the best possible way to solve the puzzle put before you in each level. The actual goal of the game is fairly easy. You need only to get from the entry point on the puzzle to the door. The rules are pretty straight forward as well. You can play in both the black and white areas of your game screen. You will combine the use of both of these play areas to reach your destination. You have to avoid spikes or other objects that will harm you so avoid anything that looks like it may be dangerous. If you run into or fall on something dangerous, you will have to start the level again from the beginning. Along the way, you'll also encounter several tricks put in place to make the game more complicated. If you are told there is a time limit on a level, ignore it. You have as long as you need to complete each level although some of the levels throughout the game will state otherwise. Its also important to read the instructions carefully. If the game tells you not to do something, you likely are supposed to do it. It's really about using common sense to determine what instructions to listen to and what instructions not to listen to. Use your head and you'll be fine.

There are several obstacles you'll encounter along the way in Shift 2. You may need to rotate your screen to avoid obstacles or to use other obstacles to help you reach your goal. Yo rotate your screen, look for circular arrow symbols. Sometimes you'll need to fall on, walk over or jump to reach these symbols, but be careful to pay attention to what direction the arrow indicated. The arrow tells you which way it will turn the screen. Remember, you will not always need to use the arrows. Plan ahead. Figure out what moves you will have if you use the arrow. If you need to use if, figure out how to get to it and work from there.

Shift 2 requires a lot of thinking ahead and for that reason, it's one of the most addictive puzzle games online. There will be levels you'll have to attempt several times and there will be other levels you have no trouble with at all. The later levels get much more difficult with many more factors introduced, but if you take you time and figure out your moves in advance you should be able to get through the entire game. It may take a while, but the game is so much fun you won't mind at all.