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Shroom Boom Controls

Shroom Boom is controlled by using the mouse. Click to move your character. Click on the radioactive symbol in the lower-right corner of the screen to temporarily display the landmines.

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Shroom Boom Walkthrough

Shroom Boom is not the name of a 1960s psychedelic rock cover band, but rather the name of a Flash puzzle game where you must collect mushrooms and avoid mines. This puzzle game features detailed sprite graphics, simple controls, and forty stages.

The objective of Shroom Boom is to collect all of the mushrooms on each stage. This would seem like a simple task, but each level is mined! You will have to avoid being blown to smithereens while you collect the precious fungi. If you trip on a mine, don't worry; with the magic of games, you will be pieced back together and the level will restart. Collect all of the mines and you will be able to advance to the next level. Your progress is automatically saved upon the completion of each level, so you do not have to complete this entire puzzle game in one sitting.

The mouse is used to control Shroom Boom. Click anywhere on the stage to move your character. Before moving, it is a good idea to click the radioactive symbol in the lower-right corner of the screen to find out where mines and medals are. These objects will only appear temporarily, so you will have to memorize their locations. If you forget, you can click the radioactive symbol again, but keep in mind that it has limited uses!

Once you have noted the locations of mines, Shroom Boom becomes a relatively-easy puzzle game. The game can still be a challenge for players hunting high scores, however. Each time that you move, a thin dotted line is drawn on the stage to trace your previous steps. If you cross or follow these lines, you will lose points, so you should avoid doing so if possible. You can also increase your score by collecting the three medals on each stage. The medals are invisible, but will appear when you use the radioactive icon, just like mines. Remember that the stage ends once you have collected all of the mushrooms, so you will have to pick up the medals before picking up the last mushroom on the stage.

Shroom Boom is a fun way to test your short-term memory and ability to plan ahead. While this puzzle game does not have built-in difficulty levels, players can decide for themselves to go the easy route (by collecting the mushrooms only) or the hard route (by trying to collect the medals and score as high as possible).