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Sichiken Controls

Sichiken is controlled by using the keyboard. Use the arrow keys or WASD keys to move. The R key resets the current level.

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Sichiken Walkthrough

Sichiken is a puzzle-based platform game. This puzzle game features sprite graphics, upbeat 8-bit music, and forty challenging levels.

The objective of Sichiken is to collect all of the coins on each level and reach the exit. This concept is simple to understand, but in some cases, challenging to actually carry out, a combination that makes for an outstanding puzzle game! Your progress is saved in this platform game, so you can continue from where you left off when you come back.

Dying in Sichiken is not a big deal. In fact, death is encouraged in some levels! This puzzle game features two kinds of levels: Single and Double (indicated in the upper-left corner of the screen). In Single levels, you are only given one life. If you fall from the screen or touch a hazard, you will fail and have to restart the level (R key). In Double levels, you are allowed to die once. After you lose your first life, the stage will reset and a translucent copy of your character will redo the actions of your first life while you will be in control of your second life. This is how most puzzles in the game will be completed. Keep in mind that the translucent copy cannot pass through the exit, so you will have to approach the exit with your current incarnation.

Planning and timing are your best friends in Sichiken. Your character can only jump so high, so if you fall to a platform near the bottom of the stage and cannot collect the coins above you, you will have to restart the level. Plan out the order that you will collect coins in so that you will be able to reach them all. Planning is especially important in Double levels. Time the actions of your first life to make things easier for your second life. For example, if you must hold down a switch to toggle a platform, it may be a good idea to count the number of seconds that you hold it so that you will know how long it is active during your second life.

If you are a fan of platform games but would rather use the gray matter in your head rather than your character's head to collect coins, then Sichiken is the right game for you. Sichiken will make puzzle game fans jump for joy!