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Sim Air Traffic Controls

Sim Air Traffic is controlled by using the mouse. Click on airplanes to give them commands. You may also click on speed control buttons in the top left of the screen to pause or fast-forward the game.

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Sim Air Traffic Walkthrough

Have you ever wanted to be an air traffic controller at a busy international airport? If so, Sim Air Traffic gives you the chance! If not, Sim Air Traffic is still a wonderful puzzle game featuring detailed cartoon graphics and animation, appropriate sound effects, and addicting gameplay!

The object of Sim Air Traffic is to reach a monetary goal on each level. This is done by avoiding collisions and flight delays. You are rewarded when planes takeoff from or land at your airport. Money is lost when planes are delayed for too long, and if there is a collision, you will automatically fail the level!

Sim Air Traffic is easy at first, and the game almost seems to manage itself in the initial levels. Later levels of this puzzle game become a real challenge, however. Overcoming this challenge is not impossible if you pay attention to these key points. Airplanes follow a general pattern at your airport: land, refuel, taxi, and takeoff. When a plane is landing, it can be ordered to increase speed in order to land faster, or to go around its landing pattern once more if the runway is not clear. Planes land on the side of the runway with red lights.

Once an aircraft has landed, it will refuel. Refueling cannot be sped up, but you will want the aircraft to move along as soon as they are done refueling (the plane will request to taxi once it has finished refueling). If too many airplanes are lined up to refuel, this can cause massive delays, so be sure to taxi those aircraft, or clear them for takeoff!

In Sim Air Traffic, you may order a plane to taxi and hold short of the runway, or immediately clear it for takeoff. If there are no inbound planes, it is best to order the plane to takeoff immediately. If there are planes coming in for a landing, order the plane to taxi short of the runway to avoid colliding with the inbound jet. Remember that you may also order aircraft that are landing to go around their holding pattern once again.

Sim Air Traffic is an interesting puzzle game that will test your management skills. Whether or not it was your childhood dream to be an air traffic controller, you will have a fun-filled time playing Sim Air Traffic!