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Simple Motions Controls

Simple Motions is controlled by using the mouse. Click and drag icons onto the stage to modify the path that the ball travels. Click the start button or press the spacebar to put the ball in motion.

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Simple Motions Walkthrough

Simple Motions is a straightforward physics game, just as its name suggests. This puzzle game features twenty-five levels, a simple click-and-drag control scheme, and colorful graphics.

The objective of Simple Motions is to cause the ball to roll over all of the stars on a level, then touch the red flag at the end. Instead of having direct control over the movement of the ball, you will have to place various tools on the playing field that will temporarily modify the physics of the ball. For example, the rotation tool will cause the ball to rotate and accelerate in the designated direction. The impulse tool will apply a force on the ball in the direction that you point it. When a new tool is introduced in this puzzle game, it will be described to facilitate its use. The effects of these tools are temporary, so place them in such a way that their effects do not go to waste!

The faster you complete each level, the more points you will earn in Simple Motions. Time begins ticking down as soon as you click the start button. Stopping the ball's movement and editing your path stops the clock, but it does not reset the time. It follows that if you want to get a high score, you should strive to get things right the first time. Since you do not have direct control of the ball in this puzzle game, you may not be able to shave seconds off of the ball's travel time, but you can save time by only using one run to collect all stars and reach the flag. If you want to cheat the clock, you can return to the main menu, then restart the level that you were on by choosing it on the level selection screen. Your progress is saved in this physics game, but the time that you've spent on a level is not (except for the record that you set after completing a level).

Simple Motions is a fun physics game that both casual gamers and fans of the genre will enjoy. If you want to pass the time while exercising your mind, then Simple Motions is worth playing!