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Spin The Black Circle II Controls

Use the left and right arrow keys or 'a' and 'd' to rotate the cog. Press 'enter' to start a new level. Press 'space' to close help messages.

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Spin The Black Circle II Walkthrough

Spin the Black Circle II is the follow up game to wildly popular Spin the Black Circle I. The goal of the game is the same with this one. You need to get the black ball through the exit portal using the arrow keys (or the 'a' and 'd' keys if you prefer) to rotate the maze. It sounds fairly simple but actually achieving that goal can be anything but easy. If you find the game is too difficult and you're getting too frustrated to want to continue playing, you can adjust the level of difficulty to better suit your needs. Alternatively, if you're finding the game too easy to be fun, use a higher difficulty setting. One of the best features of this game, and a feature that really sets it apart from many of the other puzzle games online, is its incredibly flexible difficulty settings. Instead of offering you 'Easy', 'Normal' and 'Hard' like most puzzle games, you are instead offered a slide bar to adjust the difficulty to meet your needs and offer you the challenge you want. This feature makes the game perfect for anyone regardless of skill or experience level which is a big part of why this game is so appealing. You can adjust the difficulty at any time during the game by selecting 'options' from the options at the bottom right side of the game screen. You can also enable or disable tips, music, sound effects, 'skip level' messages and adjust the quality of the background and objects in the level from the options menu. If you're having trouble getting the game to play smoothly, disable some of the options and reduce the quality of the game. This is a very graphics intensive game so slower computers may have problems running it. Adjusting the options will help a lot and the game will still look great.

Spin the Black Circle II is not an easy game by any stretch of the imagination, even on the easiest difficulty level. You need to carefully read the tips that are presented to you at the beginning of each level. While you can choose to turn those tips off, if you find yourself having trouble understanding how to complete a level, turn the tips back on. They provide valuable clues and insights into exactly what you need to do to get ahead in the game. Generally speaking though, with a little bit of trial and error and careful planning, you should be able to get through the majority of the levels without using the tips, but they're a good option to have enabled all the same. For example, some levels will require you to use momentum to get the ball where you need it to go. In other levels, the slower you approach the problem the better. If you can't decide which approach is best for the puzzle you're working on, enable tips. Chances are, it will tell you what approach will work best.

Overall, Spin the Black Circle II will challenge you to use logic and control to solve each puzzle put in front of you. While many of the other puzzle games online are content to have you move and place objects or click on groups of like-colored objects, this game also challenges you to react quickly and have superior control over the game board. You need to avoid obstacles like spikes and things of that nature which will bring a fast end to the level and will teach you how to use momentum to reach a goal. It isn't an easy game but it is one that is well worth playing. It will likely take you a while to get used to the controls of the game, but once you do you will have a blast with this super addictive and extremely fun puzzler.