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Starlight Controls

Starlight is controlled by using the mouse. Move your mouse to rotate the stars until a picture forms. Press the escape key to return to the main menu.

  • Rating: 2.33/5

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Starlight Walkthrough

Do you consider yourself to be a stargazer (as in astronomy, not celebrities)? If so, then you will enjoy Starlight. This puzzle game features simple controls, soothing background music, sixty-four levels, and three modes of gameplay.

Rather than pointing out constellations, the objective of Starlight is to form pictures by rotating groups of stars. The pictures that you will be forming range from logos, animals, technological devices, and more. To form pictures in this puzzle game, simply move the mouse until the stars align and display a picture of an object. When the object has formed, you will automatically advance to the next level. Your progress is saved after each level, so you can resume your game if you need to take quick a break. Your progress is not saved between sessions, however, so you will have to start from the beginning if you exit the game completely.

Starlight has three game modes: Relax, Time Run, and Timer. If you are a casual gamer or playing this puzzle game for the first time, I advise you to play in Relax mode since it is not timed. Time Run mode does not give you a time limit, but your score is based on how fast you are able to form each picture. The final mode, Timer mode, is the most difficult of the three. In Timer mode, you are given a limited amount of time to form pictures. When the timer runs out, the game is over.

Starlight tests the cognitive ability of perception since the stars and lines must be pieced together to form recognizable objects. A good tactic to use in this puzzle game is to move the mouse until you begin to recognize an object. Once you see the object that is supposed to be formed, move the mouse slowly until the picture is completed.

Starlight is a great puzzle game for casual gamers as well as players looking for a timed challenge. Starlight is a puzzle game that reaches for the stars!