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StickyLinky Controls

StickyLinky is controlled by using the mouse. Click on chains of like-colored blobs to remove them.

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StickyLinky Walkthrough

StickyLinky is a puzzle game developed by the makers of the Gluey series (what's with these guys and games based on stickiness?). This Flash game features twenty-four levels, colorful graphics, simple controls, and fifteen achievements.

The goal of StickyLinky is to collect creatures, which are colored blobs with faces. The number of creatures that need to be collected on each level is indicated by the vine in the upper-left corner of the screen. Collect one creature for each leaf on the vine to complete the level. If there are no creatures on a level, they can be formed by collecting linked groups of five or more blobs (provided that the level that you are playing does not take place at night). When all leaves are covered, you will complete the level and be able to advance to the next. Your progress is saved upon the completion of each level, so you can continue from where you left off the next time that you load up this puzzle game.

Collecting creatures and blobs is as easy as clicking on them. Try not to click too much though, because each click reduces your mana bar, and you have a limited amount of mana on each level of this puzzle game. Aside from blobs, you may also have to click on enemies, such as fish, and other hazards to remove them before they can destroy your blobs. Since you will be doing so much clicking, it will behoove you to minimize your clicking as much as possible to save some mana for an emergency.

Although StickyLinky is not a physics game, the force of gravity plays a major role. When clusters of blobs are cleared, any blobs that they were supporting may fall due to the force of gravity. Large clusters of blobs are more likely to fall due to their additional mass. Keep these things in mind when collecting linked blobs in order to influence how the colored blobs link together.

StickyLinky is a puzzle game that you will get stuck to! Casual gamers and puzzle game fanatics will love StickyLinky!