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Super Stacker Controls

When it comes to controls, puzzle games are very straightforward. No complicated key combinations, nothing to twist your fingers. In Super Stacker, for example, all you need to do is (1) Click on the shapes on the topmost part of the screen just one at a time. (2) Attempt to stack them in the center. (3) Hope that you do it successfully and the blocks don't fall off. That's about it for the controls, and now let's take a closer look at the game.

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Super Stacker Walkthrough

When it comes to getting your creative juices going and flow into your brain, puzzle games are amazing. Whether it's about crushing that castle with rocks, taking out two targets with a sniper rifle that has only a bullet, or about the good old "piece all of the things together", these games will surely get you thinking. Super Stacker is no exception. The concept of this puzzle game is unique: there are shapes, a pit, and a small platform right in the middle of the screen. By simply clicking and using those shapes one at a time, you must stack them together, without your stack falling out of balance.

There are a couple of mechanics that you should keep in mind. First off, for a stack to be declared successful, it should stand up for 10 seconds at the very least. Once you make it through this 10 second mark, you are good to go and you'll move on to the next stage. However, if your stack goes out of balance and falls, you need to restart the level. Unlike most puzzle games, there's no time limit in Super Stacker per se. However, looking at left bottom part and corner of the screen, you will find how much time you have taken for the game. You can go in and take your time. As long as the stacked blocks stands up and remains there for 10 seconds, you're good. However, if you want to beat the high scores in the game, you must finish each level as fast as you possibly can. In fact, I've seen someone finish the whole game in a little more than two minutes.

That feat is quite impressive, considering that Super Stacker comes with 12 levels in order of increasing difficulty. Additionally, the time and score relationship gives the game good replay value. On your first try, you may want to take as much time as possible for each level to make sure your stack stands and remember what you did in that level to pass. On your second take, using what you know and found out from the previous level, you can try to speed things up and have a shot at the top scores. On your third take, you can go in and try speed things up even more in an effort to beat your previous record. And the cycle goes on and on and on.

If you're new to Super Stacker, being familiar with the screen along with its elements is a must. After all, knowing what each element does is key to being fast in this game and scoring high. At the topmost part of your screen, you will see the shapes that need to be dealt with. Along with that, you will see a measurement of how huge the shape is so you can figure out and plan how to stack them: which goes first, which comes next, and which comes last. Also, you will see a timer on the top left part of the screen. It will start counting for 10 seconds after you have placed the last shape on the stack. On the bottom right, you'll see which level you're at so you can gauge how much time you're spending for each level.