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Sworbs Controls

Point and click with the mouse and the left mouse button to make matches.

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Sworbs Walkthrough

Sworbs is an excellent match three puzzle game that uses the same basic controls as most online match three puzzle games online. The main difference between this game and other games in the genre is the high level of graphic quality in the game and the addition of various special moves and power ups. The controls are basic and easy to use; point at the sworb you want to use the click on one of the adjacent sworbs to swap them. Pretty basic stuff especially in this genre of puzzle game. Your goal is also pretty easy - make matches of three or more sworbs of the same color. Make combinations of more than one group and get bonus points. If you're at all familiar with match three puzzle games, this format is something you should already be familiar with. Sworbs, however, isn't just your average puzzle game.

In Sworbs, you can collect orbs of a certain color to get power ups that can help you significantly as you play the game. You'll see the power up options on the left side of the screen as well as the number of sworbs you need to collect to get that power up. At the very bottom on the left side of the game screen, you'll see how many sworbs of each color you've collected which also tells you how many more sworbs you need to collect to get the power up you want to use. When you have collected the amount of sworbs you need to use a power up, that power up will be highlighted in yellow. There are two pages of power ups you can choose from, but use them wisely. Each one you use will subtract from the sworbs you've saved.

Overall, Sworbs is an addictive, entertaining and engrossing online puzzle game that is different enough from other match three puzzle games to be interesting but not so difficult the controls take a long time to get used to. This game avoids feeling like more of the same which isn't something that is easy to accomplish when there are hundreds of games out there that follow a similar premise. Just make sure you avoid the skulls and you'll do fine. Challenge yourself to get a high score, sit back and have a blast.