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The Envelopes Please is controlled by using the keyboard. Move I.R. Baboon by using the arrow keys. Talk to characters and interact with objects by pressing the spacebar. Alternatively, you can use your mouse and click on objects and characters to interact with them or click on empty space to move I.R..

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The Envelopes Please Walkthrough

There was once a time when Cartoon Network showed cartoons. There were no live-action shows, no award shows, just quality cartoons. Yes, the late 1990s were happier times, when we could look forward to the original Toonami (hosted by Moltar) and Cartoon Cartoons, Cartoon Network original series. The Envelopes Please is a Shockwave game based on these lovable late '90s characters that is sure to bring back nostalgic memories. Don't worry; you can still enjoy this puzzle game if you were not lucky enough to enjoy childhood in the late '90s.

In The Envelopes Please, you control I.R. Baboon, the bumbling antagonist from I.M. Weasel. Your mission is to find the ten envelopes, then deliver them to Johnny Bravo so that the show can go on. In order to accomplish this task, you will have to search high and low, as well as complete side quests for other characters that you encounter. There is no time limit in this puzzle game, but it must also be noted that your progress is not saved, so you will have to start from the very beginning each time that you play.

The Envelopes Please is presented like a classic 16-bit console adventure game. You control I.R. Baboon from a top down perspective. You can use the arrow keys to move, or click on open areas with your mouse in order to move. Walk up to items or characters, then press the spacebar to interact with them. You may also click on items or characters to interact with them. Any items that you collect in this puzzle game will be displayed in the upper-right corner of the screen. You do not have to select items from your inventory to use them; if they can be used with the item or character that you are interacting with, they will automatically be used.

The Envelopes Please is a simple adventure game that is geared towards a younger audience. For this reason, we will not provide a walkthrough, but we will provide some general tips. It is a good idea to check every object as envelopes could be stashed inside. Approach lamps, plants, trash bins, etc. and press the spacebar to search them. Secondly, talk to NPCs for hints and "quests". If you complete the quests, the NPCs may have envelopes or useful items that will help you out later in the game. It doesn't hurt to talk to NPCs multiple times; they may have additional items or information!

The Envelopes Please is an outstanding adventure game for gamers that want a nostalgia fix with their gaming break. Even if you do not know all of the characters featured in The Envelopes Please, you can still have a spot of fun with this puzzle game!