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The Impossible Quiz Controls

The controls of The Impossible Quiz, like in most puzzle games, is very easy to pick up on and straightforward. Just use your mouse for the most part. Predominantly a multiple choice question, you just need to click on the correct answer to move to the next question. HOWEVER, with puzzle games like The Impossible Quiz, you shouldn't be too bothered about the controls. Let's take a closer look...

  • Rating: 4.42/5

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The Impossible Quiz Walkthrough

If you are on the hunt for puzzle games that will give your brain that much needed racking, then The Impossible Quiz created by Splapp Me Do is yours for the taking. The mechanics of the game is very straightforward: you need to beat the quiz by answering all of the questions. Simple, isn't it? Hell no!

You see, this is NOT your average quiz. Nah, even if you topped the honor list back in college, you will surely have a hard time finishing this quiz...and that's precisely what made this game REALLY FUN! Most of the questions require insane logic. Others can be answered only through sheer guessing. If you want to get far in puzzle games like this, you need to learn how to think outside of the box.

Here's an example: Click The Answer (that's the question...or so it seems?) The choices are (A) Out Of Order (B) Out Of Order (C) Out Of Order and last BUT not the least (D) Out Of Order. Now, how on earth are you going to answer that? You can't figure it out until you see the actual question.

Here's another insane example: You are presented with a human eyeball, dentures, a chair, yellow glove, and a ball pen. The task? Click Food! I don't know about you BUT logic and experience tells me that none of those items are edible (except for the eyeball maybe, if you are some sort of a cannibal?). You see, that's the idea - usual logic doesn't work in puzzle games like The Impossible Quiz. Your logic has to be twisted, better yet, you should think illogically.

Now, don't think that finishing this quiz is impossible. Nah, you can finish it, BUT it's EXTREMELY hard. However, with only three lives at your disposal (and with a life deducted for every incorrect answer), I would bet a thousand dollars it would take you hours to get to the last question of The Impossible Quiz. Lose all 3 lives and its game over for you...time to start from square one.

Now, there are a couple of items along the way that you better pay attention to: First, we have the Skip Power Up (which looks more of an arrow rather than a power up). After completing several questions correctly without losing a life, you will be awarded with a Skip. The Skip allows you to...well, as the name suggests, skip a question especially if you find it too difficult. The good news is that there are 7 to be earned. The bad news is that there are ULTRA-difficult and insane questions that cannot be skipped!

Next, we have Bomb Questions. Bomb Questions are timed. You have to answer the question until the bomb detonates. Fail to do that and it's game over - it doesn't matter if you have all 7 Skips or you have 3 Lives. Oh! One more thing, the timer could be set anywhere between 10 seconds and the impossible 1 second.