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The Impossible Quiz 2 Controls

The controls of puzzle games are very easy to pick up on...and The Impossible Quiz 2 is NOT an exception. You just need to use your mouse, particularly the left click button, to choose the right answer, have a look at the instructions, and everything else in between. Well, just like in most puzzle games especially ones like The Impossible Quiz, you shouldn't worry too much about the controls. The question you should be worried about is: is your brain ready enough for serious doses of craziness and twisted logic?

  • Rating: 4.54/5

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The Impossible Quiz 2 Walkthrough

So you can't get enough with puzzle games like The Impossible Quiz? No? Good! Due to insistent popular demand, Splapp Me Do is back with a vengeance - bringing you The Impossible Quiz 2! If you love racking your brains til they melt and drip down your ear in an effort to find the correct answers to questions that doesn't seem to make sense, then puzzle games like The Impossible Quiz and The Impossible Quiz 2 is a MUST-play for you.

The premise and rules are very simple: you need to answer all of the 'questions' in the quiz. That's it! The premise is simple BUT the game itself is insanely difficult! You need a combination of mad mouse skills, quick reflexes, good instinct, and some pure doses of insane logic. If you have played the original game - The Impossible Quiz, that would help a lot. And believe me, in puzzle games like this, you need all the help you can get (except looking at a walk through for the answer...which takes away much of the fun).

Predominantly, the quiz is made of multiple choice questions. HOWEVER, there are a lot of surprises along the way. The number one thing you should keep in mind is that ALWAYS think outside of the box!

Let's take a look at one of the crazier questions, one that I was stuck with for a long time: Question Number 10. What happens when you P... P... P... Pick Up A Penguin? The choices are: (A) Nothing (B) It Pecks Off Your Face (C) It Fills Your Stomach or (D) Penguin Poo. Check that out...aside from the fact that the question doesn't make any sense, you also got to give up the strategy of picking all of the options til you run out of life. I did that, and none of the answers there are correct! So where's the answer? I'll leave it to your imagination.

Aside from crazier and whackier questions, there are some new items, and old ones coming back, added. First off, the dreaded Bomb Questions! Whenever you see a bomb turn up in one of the questions, left, right, or wherever, you need to act fast or you run the risk of being obliterated...even if you have all 5 lives. They will detonate anywhere from 15 seconds to 1 second. You better be alert all the time. HOWEVER, the Bomb Questions do have a nemesis in this puzzle game...

The Fuse Stoppers! These guys spend most of their time sleeping and they will only awaken once they smell a bomb fuse. BUT you also have to act fast. You cannot just use them for any bomb question. Within that brief moment they open their eyes up, you should click them right away. There are 3 to be collected in the game.

And of course, we have the good and old Skip! There are only 3 skips in the game BUT unlike in the previous version, you can use all of the Skips here no matter what. There are no skip-immune question for The Impossible Quiz 2.