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The controls of 'This Is The Only Level' are the arrow keys. That's it. BUT upon a closer look, the controls are not as simple as it seems! Nah, up directional key isn't always for jumping, down directional key isn't always for diving down, and the left and right keys...no, they don't work as they should be. Read on and find out what's this craziness...

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"What, on earth, have you been smoking lately?!" you may want to ask me. Well, if puzzle games are supposed to have easy controls (usually you just have to use the mouse and click or sometimes, the directional keys), not this one. The directional keys don't always work as they are supposed to!

Baffled? Let's check the elephant - this is where it all started. Take a closer look at that elephant - yes, that's a blue and small elephant. It doesn't look majestic, it doesn't look like its supposed to be, and it's NOT intelligent like the real thing! Aside from that, it doesn't do anything but totter - totter all day. It seems like this elephant is about to tip over because of the lack of genuine elephant characteristics! And here's something that makes it even baffling, it can jump. YES, this elephant can jump like a frog!

And here's what: the elephant has forgotten the levels of the game created by John Cooney (who also made Achievement Unlocked) except for one: the very first one. Heck! Elephants are known for its memory, and this one cannot remember the levels its starring in except for the same configuration of blocks and spikes. Welcome to the one of the most odd, puzzling, BUT fun filled puzzle games 'This Is The Only Level'. It has been awarded Best Of Casual Game Play back in 2009.

By the way, the whole game has a very simple...stupidly simple, premise: to hit that red switch, open the door that unblocks the exit, leap through the spikes, and pass through the exit. That's it...or at least, those are the only things the elephant can remember.

Well, it cannot even remember what the color of the level is! It's different each time you play. And this is the real puzzling and challenging part: it cannot remember what the controls are. You can try left for moving to the left, right to totter towards that direction, up for the elephant to jump. BUT get this: the elephant is so forgetful that you cannot bet that it will work all the time. It's all up for you to figure it out.

A purposeless elephant, which is blue and leaps...which is NOT really an elephant. You got to figure out how to control him, and that changes one stage after the other. If you are looking for puzzle games that take puzzling to the extreme, if you are looking for puzzle games that are so odd you can't help but laugh, then 'This Is The Only Level' is a game to check out. It won't disappoint.