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Topsy Turvy Controls

Topsy Turvy is controlled by using the mouse. Click on clusters of like-colored balls to pop them.

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Topsy Turvy Walkthrough

Topsy Turvy is a puzzle game similar in concept to match-three games such as Ultra Block. This Shockwave game features simple graphics, point-and-click controls, and entertaining gameplay.

The goal of Topsy Turvy is to remove as many balls from the container before the sixty-second time limit is reached. Balls can only be cleared if they are in groups of three or more of the same color. Periodically, additional balls will be dropped into the container. Make sure that the container doesn't fill to the brim, or you will lose the game! You will not be able to save your progress because this version of the puzzle game is an online demo. This should not pose a problem for most gamers, however, since Topsy Turvy is an arcade-style puzzle game.

What makes Topsy Turvy unique is the rotating playing field. Not only do you have to worry about additional balls falling into the container, but you must also worry about the contents of the container shifting due to the rotation of the stage. This can help you or hurt you; clusters of balls may be separated or formed as the balls are shifted during rotation. Pay attention to the purple lights on the sides of the container. When all of these lights are illuminated, the container will rotate. If you are new to this puzzle game, I advise you to clear as many clusters before rotation occurs, since it may be hard to determine the new layout that will result from the rotation.

Topsy Turvy also features special abilities known as "Power Player Trix". Each time that you play, one of these abilities will be unlocked. If you want access to all of the Power Player Trix in one gameplay session, you will have to download the full version of this puzzle game. Special abilities are not necessary to enjoy Topsy Turvy, however, and in my opinion, the game is more fun and challenging without them.

Do not be fooled by Topsy Turvy's name, it is a solid puzzle game. If you are a fan of the match-3 genre of puzzle games, then you will flip your lid for Topsy Turvy!