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Traffic Trouble Controls

Traffic Trouble is controlled by using the mouse. Click on traffic lights to change their color. Press the spacebar to pause the game and open the options menu.

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Traffic Trouble Walkthrough

Traffic Trouble is a puzzle game that puts you in control of traffic lights. The game takes place in the future, where most jobs have been taken by robots. As the only remaining human traffic regulator, you must manage the traffic lights correctly in order to keep your job!

The objective of Traffic Trouble is to manage traffic lights in order to prevent traffic jams. Simply click on traffic lights to change their color, but be advised that the number of green lights that you are allowed simultaneously are limited. The number of green lights that you are allowed is given at the beginning of each level.

On each level of Traffic Trouble, a certain number of cars must pass. This quota is displayed to the right of the screen. Each car also features a stress level which increases as it gets stuck in traffic, indicated by five bars above the vehicle. If you allow a car to reach its fifth level of stress, you will receive a warning; three warnings and it's game over for you!

You do not need to worry about collisions in Traffic Trouble, since cars will stop before colliding. This can cause a traffic jam, however, so properly managing traffic is still important in this puzzle game.

Traffic Trouble also features four powerups that may be used by clicking on their icons. Occasionally, cars may break down, halting traffic behind them. Calling in a repair bot will fix this problem and get the flow of traffic going again! A UFO may be summoned to remove a single car from the stage. Your score is not increased by using this powerup, but it may be useful in removing a car that is about to reach its stress limit! The clock powerup causes all cars to forget about their stress for five seconds. The final powerup is the most useful one, since it resets the stress levels of all cars back to zero! Use these powerups wisely, because they each have a recharge time between uses.

Traffic Trouble is a challenging puzzle game that requires expert management skills and constant quick-thinking. If you think that you have the skills, try Traffic Trouble and see!