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Ultrablock w/ Scores Controls

Use the mouse and the left mouse button to select blocks to remove.

  • Rating: 3.84/5

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I love a good block breaking game and Ultrablock w/ Scores is one of the best block breaking based puzzle games online. Although it uses the same controls and follows the same basic premise as most other puzzle games in this genre there are a few additions that set this game ahead of the competition. Your goal is the same as it is with most similar games, blow up the blocks before they can reach the top of the screen. The rules are just as basic. You can only remove blocks in that are touching each other on at least one side and that are all the same color. You remove the blocks by clicking on them with the left mouse button. Blocks appear one row at a time from the bottom of the screen. The number of rows left to appear until you progress to the next level is shown on the left side of teh screen along with your current score and the level you're on. Keep an eye on how many rows are left and plan your moves accordingly. There are great ways to get a high score in this game, but you need to be aware of where you are in the level if you want to use these tips.

The best way to get a high score in Ultrablock w/ Scores is to make the biggest combinations you can make in the easier beginning levels and use the colored bombs wisely. At the very bottom of your game grid where the blocks accumulate, you will see what is coming in the next row of blocks. Keep an eye on what you'll be given next and try to plan for the biggest combinations keeping the next row in mind. The best way to make the biggest combinations is to leave one color block unpopped. For example, leave red combinations alone and instead, focus on breaking combinations of other colored blocks; blue, green, yellow and the like. After only a few clicks, you'll have quite a few big combinations of red blocks waiting for you to break them. Remember though, don't save up the blocks too long. You need to leave yourself time to break them before all the rows have been dealt. You also need to watch the top of the screen. Making great combinations only pays off if you're able to click on them to collect the points.

One of the best thinks offered by Ultrablock w/ Scores is one of the things that separates it from many of the block breaking based puzzle games online. Many other games will subtract points if you click on the wrong block or will cost you a life, but with this one, clicking on the wrong block turns that block to a skull. You lose the ability to use that block in a combination once it becomes a skull. If you click on that skull, another row will be dealt. This adds a level of difficulty to this game that is missing from many of its competitors. In later levels when things begin moving more quickly and you begin with more rows of blocks to remove, you'll likely have a much harder time avoiding making skulls and avoiding clicking on the skulls you make. This makes the game much more appealing to the puzzle fan looking for a challenge.

Like most block breaking puzzle games, Ultrablock w/ Scores gives you colored bombs throughout the level that can be used to remove all of the blocks that are the same color as the bomb from the screen. Use these bombs wisely and save them as long as you can. Try to collect multiple bombs of the same color and detonate them all in the same turn. The result will be a massive combination of whichever color block you did not remove with a bomb giving you a great bonus when you blow up that combination. Start detonating the bombs the moment a new row is dealt and move quickly. If you're fast enough, you will be able to remove all of the blocks from the screen for an even bigger bonus. It's also a good idea to save bombs to use when you are running out of moves and the rows of blocks are close to reaching the top. Detonate the bomb you've saved and give yourself a little more room. You'll also create many additional moves and make the game last a little longer. Remember, as soon as the blocks reach the top of the screen you lose and will have to start from the very beginning.

Overall, Ultrablock w/ Scores is an excellent block breaking puzzle game that is as addictive as it is fun. The addition of a high score chart at the end gives you something to strive for. You get a rush of pride and satisfaction when you finally get a high score in the top ten. You'll probably get dethroned fairly quickly, but at least you can take pride knowing your name was there in the first place. This is a must-play game for any fan of block breaking games.