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Wordo Controls

Wordo is controlled by using the moue. Click on letters to form words. Double click on the last letter of your word to submit it.

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Wordo Walkthrough

Wordo is an amazing word game presented by Miniclip. This puzzle game features colorful graphics, simple controls, and five rounds of challenging gameplay.

The goal of Wordo is to form words with the tiles present on each stage. Over time, tiles will drop from the top of the screen onto the grid. If the tiles reach the top of the screen, you will lose one life; when all lives are lost, the game is over! You do not have to clear all tiles to complete levels in this puzzle game; just keep the tiles from reaching the top and spell out as many word as you can before time runs out!

To spell out words in Wordo, simply click on tiles in proper order. When you are ready to submit your word, double-click the last letter of your word. For a word to be accepted by this word game, it must be a valid word of the English language (excluding most proper nouns) and at least three letters in length. Longer words score more points. Special tiles, such as black tiles and bomb tiles, may also be used to score additional points, clear extra tiles, or even enter bonus rounds! Additional instructions are given in the game when these special types of tiles are introduced.

Although it is not necessary to clear all tiles on the field to complete levels in Wordo, it pays to clear as many as possible. You earn a twenty-five point bonus for each unoccupied cell on the grid at the end of each level. These points can really rack up, so I advise you to clear as many tiles as you can. The bonus stage (invoked by using a black tile in one of your words) is a great way to easily clear tiles in this word game.

Wordo is a spectacular puzzle game that fans of word games will certainly enjoy. Sure, this Shockwave version of the game does not have all of the powerups and features of the full version, but that just makes it more challenging!